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Übersicht Transaktionen

Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre Transaktionen mit Hilfe der Transaktions App verwalten können.

The payever Transactions Application provides functionality to track your sales, transactions, as well as business-related activities within payever. You can monitor and check when a transaction was made, what is the current transaction status, and what payment method and sales channel was used for a selected transaction.

How to access the Transactions App:

  • The Transactions Dashboard opens.

Select transaction details:

  • Select Time to choose a time period you want to check.
  • Click on Payment to select a specific payment method you want to check.
  • Choose Channel to select a specific sales channel you want to check.

All options feature Select All function.

The Transactions App collects information about the following financial details:

  • Payment method – Displays the payment method used for the transaction.
  • State – Displays the status of the selected purchase.
  • Channel & Payment – Displays the sales channel (checkout) and the payment method used to make the purchase.
  • Customer – Displays the name of the customer who made the transaction.
  • Amount – Total amount of the transaction.
  • Date – Date and time of the transaction.


How to search in payever Transactions App:

You can also use the search box to find a specific transaction.

  • In the Transactions App, type the information you are looking for in the Search field, and then click Enter to start a search.


How to copy your transactions locally:

You can also download an offline copy of your business transactions history.

  • Click on the Download button, and then select a download destination for your local copy.


Check transaction details:

You can view details about any transaction by clicking on it. A new window opens, displaying detailed information about the selected payment.

You can refresh your Transactions screen by clicking on the Refresh button next to the Download button.

Useful Tip: You can sort the content of any column in the Transactions App by clicking on the column title.

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