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payever Ad

Sell. We take care of
your marketing.

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Die Online-Verkäufe mit unserem Tool für Online-Werbung über Google und Facebook steigern.

Von Experten lernen

Continually improve the return on your social advertising with customized tactical and strategic reviews of your social advertising campaigns by our social ads experts.

Better performance through automation

Automatically boost budgets—or start new campaigns—based on pre-set performance triggers. Improve ad performance with automatic, daily recommendations.


Turn your marketing on autopilot.

Create high-impact keyword ads in just several clicks: choose product, budget and campaign duration - and we will do the rest.

Create campaign

Choose your marketing channel

Choose whether to advertise on Facebook or Google or both. And consider the platform to lead your customers to - Amazon, Ebay or your personal store.

Marketing channel preferences
Choose customer location

Define your target audience

Choose customer location and the products you would like to advertise for each target group.

Set up your budget

Decide on the budget you would like to spend. Both daily and monthly budget options are available.

Daily budget
Campaign duration

Add campaign duration

Set a start and end dates of your campign or show your ads to customers on a rolling basis.


Get insights to sell more.

Analyze your campaigns based on reach, clicks, sales and budget spent and optimize your business strategy accordingly.

Campaign Analyze

Track the reach of your ads

Find out whether you have chosen the right targeting for your ad campaign and it reached your potential connsumers.

Monitor the number of clicks

Find out whether you have chosen the right targeting for your ad campaign and it reached your potential connsumers.

Manage your ad costs

Determine the cost per ad you spend and see whether the budget you set for ad campaigns is spent wisely.

Discover sales figures

Measure the conversion rate for each of your ads and products and discover if the sales funnel was built correct.


Rebuild your strategy.

Try different approaches to find the best fit for your business. Change campaign duration, designs and content for the perfect result.

Campaign Analyze

Play with campaign duration

Choose set dates for special occasions and ongoing campaigns for brand recognition - never loose a signgle lead.

Find the best time to post

Learn the habits of your ideal customers to offer relevant ads in right time - experiment with posting different hours.

Try different designs

Make your personal A/B testing and explore the color scheme that works perfectly for your brand.

Experiment with content

Define the tone, mood and length of content giving you the best conversion rate and optimize accordingly.


Von der Plattform profitieren.

Einfach weitere Apps auf der Plattform hinzufügen und das gesamte Marketing über payever steuern.

  • Marketing

    Mit automatischen E-Mail Kampagnen die Zahl der abgebrochenen Einkäufe kompensieren und neue Kunden gewinnen.

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  • Statistik

    Erhalte die neusten Updates für deine Verkäufe und Marketing Kampagnen und steigere deinen Umsatz basierend auf unseren Analysen.

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  • Kontakte

    Gewähre wiederkehrenden Kunden Rabatte und Gutscheine und kommuniziere persönlich mit ihnen.

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